Best Free Animation Software for 2019

One of the best formats for your content is animation, which is made easier with the availability of animation software. You can create educational series or branding campaigns in easily digestible content. Traditionally, animation software costs a whole lot. You would also need a considerable amount of training time to be proficient at it.

Fortunately, these tools are so user-friendly these days that even a newbie can get up to speed with the features in a few hours or even less. Better still, you now have plenty of free animation software at your disposal. And if you have reliable graphic design software, you can do a lot of quality animation with something so free.

1. Blender

Blender includes object tracking features as well. You can pan, tilt, track and rotate the camera around your objects in 360 degrees. Also, it comes with a Python API so advanced users can customize its user interface.

Another nice thing about Blender is that it integrates well with Pipeline Tools. A powerful software, Blender is the go-to animation software of professionals. It has been instrumental in creating award-winning animations. The Netflix animation ‘Next Gen,’ for example, was created with the help of Blender.

Blender easily caters to the needs of advanced users. It is not that friendly to novices although many tutorials are up online. You can download Blender here for free and learn as you go if interested. If you are looking for simpler tools, then please read on.

2. PowToon

If you are here looking for free animation software to use for simpler but eye-catching presentations or videos, PowToon may just be the best free software for you. You will find it is basically an online presentation and animation video maker. Thus, it is perfect for idea pitches, product introduction, company profiles, how-to videos, infographics, and online advertising.

As a user-friendly animation platform, it empowers anyone to make professional-looking presentations for free (with its free plan). Of course, it is not as feature-rich as others.

With PowToon, you can create, post, and share your creations online. You can share them through emails or on your virtual workspaces like project management software.  PowToon integrates well with Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube, and Slideshare. With a touch of well-directed creativity, you can take your corporate presentations to another level.

3. Animaker

Animaker may be the most user-friendly of our list of the top 8 free animation software solutions. If you are looking for a platform that has a predominantly drag-and-drop interface, Animaker is the best free animation software for you. It is as easy as operating PowerPoint but only for animation. In fact, it looks a bit like PowerPoint or Google Slides. There are many types of videos that Animaker is designed to help you create. It has different specialized modules ranging from explainer videos to advertisements.

If you want to level up your content marketing quick, Animaker will help you achieve this for close to nothing. With a large library of animated characters and templates, you can put cartoon faces and let them move around to add human elements to your videos. You can also make whiteboards, 2D cartoons, and infographics using Animaker.

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