How to Disable Firewall in Windows 10

The firewall is designed for keeping the unauthorized users from accessing files and resources from your computer. However, windows firewall is not a perfect and might cause harm to your computer. So, there is always a better firewall software available for windows then you might want to turn it off and use some other software. Also, you cannot disable the windows firewall unless you have specific reason, in case if you have another security program performing same functions feel comfortable to use it where that gives better security to perform. Below are the steps in how to disable firewall in windows 10.

Method 1

enable or disable Windows Defender Firewall 1

Over here, you need to open the control panel by selecting Control panel from the start menu then you can find firewall and network protection option at the top of the menu. Once you open the panel there you can 3 network profiles like domain network, private network, public network. So, you can select any one of these network profiles for disabling the networks.

Method 2

Once you open the control panel there you can see the windows applet and in the left panel, then click on the windows firewall to turn off. So, firewall will no longer be remain turned on unless you opt for it. Now connect to the internet and be sure that you have antivirus subscription active when you are turning off the firewall configurations.

Method 3

Open an elevated Command prompt and execute the command to disable the windows firewall for all the network profiles. So, you can turn off the windows firewall unless you are experiencing any problem while protecting your data from the computer. If you have other software for firewall where that can help in giving protection from unknown source or hackers.

Method 4

Windows Defender Firewall screen will appear

There is an option on the left side of the control panel where you can see different radio buttons to disable the windows firewall for private and public network settings. So, you need to checkmark whether you windows firewall is turned off and make sure that you can saved the changes. This method can help in how to disable firewall in windows 10.


Above are the methods used for disabling and you can also turn on the firewall whenever you want by clicking on the radio button in the network settings. Hope that I have covered all the topics in my article about how to disable firewall in windows 10. Thanks for reading!

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