Networking Topology Advantages and Disadvantages

The network topology will refer to the logical arrangement of a network and a description of how various nodes are connected and able to communicate with each other. In this case, each topology system will use different methods and compilation of mediums for essentially communicate a message to the computer which is known as the node. So, each network has its own structure which represents the elements of the communications system. Even there are few types of topologies like the ring topology, mesh topology and bus topology where they will be describing the physical and logical arrangement of network nodes. Below are the networking topology advantages and disadvantages.

Bus Topology

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This is the type of network where all the devices will be connected to the single cable which runs from the one end to the other. So, bus topology will help in transmitting the data in one direction.

Advantages of Bus Topology

  • This can be very easy to set up and expand the network.
  • It might be cost-effective compared to the other topologies.
  • The bus topology is suited to the LAN networks.


Disadvantages of Bus Topology

  • Bus topology will have a single point of the failure or if the cables fail then the whole network will go down.
  • It is not easy to isolate the faults in network nodes
  • It can be very difficult to manage to administer and troubleshoot programs.

Ring Topology

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In this type, all the computers are connected to each other in a circular format. The first node will be connected to the last node for linking them together in the circular format. So, the data will be transmitted in the clockwise direction from one node to another node. Also, Ring Topology will idea about networking topology advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Ring Topology

  • The risk of packet collision is low.
  • The configuration will make it very easy to identify the faults in the network nodes.
  • Each and every node has the ability for transmitting the data.

Disadvantages of Ring Topology

  • It can be very vulnerable to failure
  • The ring technology is dependent on the wire by connecting the nodes in the ring.
  • The entire network will also go down due to the transmission line failure.

There are other types of network topologies that help in connecting each node to the network. However, the above types are the top network topologies that can be very effective and efficient to another individual topology. Hope that I covered all the topics in my article about networking topology advantages and disadvantages. Thanks for reading!

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