Tips For Power Equipment Safety

Power equipments are now part of every home as they are convenient and easy and quick to use and also save a lot of precious time. The common P.E use toady are lawnmowers, saws, trimmers, chain saws and edger equipment. Although using power equipment save time and energy but it is not enough, you should be aware of the important safety cautions regarding that equipment. To follow these safety tips are essential to ensure your safety as P.E can harm you in one or another.

Importance of Safety

It is estimated by CPSC that about 10 percent of electrocutions occur due to improper usage of P.E at home. But this can be avoided easily by having an appropriate knowledge about the usage and precautions of P.E. Safety is prior to all things.

Protective Clothing

To ensure safety, it is important to use protective or safety clothing. Always use goggles to protect your eyes. But it largely depends on power equipment you are operating. You may have to use full face goggle in some cases.

Always use gloves and wear closed toe shoes if possible. This will protect you from any unwanted situation or injury.

Is is usually have some sort of motor working in them and those are very capable to catch any loose clothing. So make sure that you have tucked in shirts or you have worn dress which doesn’t have any loose endings.

Operator’s Manual

Operator’s manual plays a very important role in your safety. Mostly people do not read the manual properly and do not follow the instructions given in it, eventually sustain serious injuries. It is important to read the manual thoroughly and follow the instructions firmly.

Clear the Debris

Another way to ensure safety is to clear all the loose and junky stuff from the cleaning area. Power equipment has the tendency to pull the stuff and throw it at you with force. This will sometimes cause serious damages and injuries to you.

Inspect Equipment

Before working on any power equipment it is necessary to examine it carefully. Examine all the cords, blades or other parts to make sure that everything is in proper working condition. Using this with damage parts can be dangerous.

Power Cords and Blade Changing

To ensure safety always use the recommended electrical sources for your power equipment. You can take help from operator’s manual to get the right information about your power equipment. Try not to cross over power cords while working with power equipment. Never plug in or unplug the cords from the outlets while P.E is on.

If you want to change the blades make sure that the equipment is off and unplugged. Be very careful while changing the blades as blades usually have sharp edges.

Hold the Equipment Securely

While operating it hold it tightly with both the hands. Take special care while operating trimmers, cutters and mowers and try to walk behind these equipments. To avoid any damage or injuries, do not let the equipment operate without any supervision.

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